Wednesday, 21 January 2009

End-project. PART XV

At the exam/presentation

Right before our exam we tested our robot by writing a group member name: ``RENATA''.

During the exam we demonstrated how the robot is able to draw a square with rounded corners and a word composition ``EIGHT GRADE'' (which is a misspell, but it's not the first time that that's happened in a glitch). The reason for the string ``eight(h) grade'' is that at this point in the exam, a Danish primary school's eighth graders were coming to visit. Thomas entertained and wrote dedications---although, at Thomas's pace, only a single one was written, dedicated to ``Jonas'', and a more general one to ``Erritsø Centralskole''.

After the exam

After the exam, further pictures were taken.

Thomas, in his final looks.

Thomas is now able to introduce himself.

Some close-up shots if anybody would be wondering how we managed to clamp it all together:

The pen holder mechanism, which both centers and resists twitching of the pen.

The carriage, as seen from the side. There's been added extra handles to ease adjustment.

It is noticable that the letters vary in their precision. For example, the A shape is a rather smooth diagonal line, whereas the Y shape doesn't cut a sharp corner. Much of this has to do with the fact that the working area is curved and bends under pressure. This can also be seen from the way the robot lifts off the pen and puts it down again, where it---at times---leaves a small ink trace of the vertical movement in the pen liftoff.

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